Catching Up, A Bonus Post!

See, this is what happens when school takes over one’s life. Or, I let school take over my life. I end up not having time or energy to post regularly. I need to work on that!

In the meantime, how can I catch up? Let me cram in some details.

Last time I talked about having a wacky allergic reaction (eyes swelled up, yikes), going in for a follow-up diagnostic mammogram appointment (good news, everything’s okay so far!), and dealing with the stress of school and finals and final projects until I felt ready to cry or scream.

Except for taking a week off during finals, I kept up with my workouts. However, I didn’t do so well with my eating habits, which fell apart during the most stressful times of the semester. That is a red flag area in my life that still needs a lot of work.

I made it through “Month 7” of the workout, struggled, gained back 3.5 pounds and lost an additional 1 inch from various areas of my body.

That covered mid-April through May.

What happened after that?

An Update on My Progress, still trying to catch up to current day! (click to read more)


Catching Up, Part 3

Where did I leave off in this endless ‘catching up’ saga?

Ah yes… in my last post, I talked a little bit about some emotional struggles (exhaustion from overwork and life stresses) and some physical struggles (neck pain! neck pain! OWWW!), and tackled the next phase in my experiment.

I made it through “Month 8” of the workout, lost 5 pounds and an additional 4.5 inches from various areas of my body. Small though it may be, I’ll take that progress, thank you.

That covered late February to the start of April.

What happened in month 3?

Yet Another Update on My Progress. (click to read more)

Catching Up, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about the physical and emotional challenges faced during the first month of my new workout experiment.

Amidst grief over the loss of a close friend, stress from taking three classes, and the struggle in returning to exercise after a 6-month break, I made it through “Month 9” of the workout and lost 5.5 inches from various areas of my body. Not a bad start.

That covered late January to late February.

What happened in month 2?

Another Update on My Progress. (click to read more)

Catching Up, Part 1

Part of the problem with being a perfectionist — and I am, no matter how I try not to be — is that I like to be orderly about my posts. I feel like I shouldn’t just dive into writing about current stuff without mentioning what happened in the past 3 months (when I wanted to be writing about my progress but didn’t have time). Maybe no one else cares about that kind of detail but me, it’s hard to say, but that’s how I am and I’m unlikely to change that part of me at this point.

If I were simply talking about general life stuff, I could probably skip it and not worry about it. But because I’m trying to express myself during an experiment in fitness, I feel like I should at least ‘sum up’ what’s been going on since I started at the end of January.

Just a little quirk that makes me special, I suppose. No idea if that’s ‘special’ as in ‘delightful,’ or ‘special’ as in ‘let’s reserve her the next available white room and notify the authorities.’ *GRIN*


An Update on My Progress. (click to read more)