Baking Rules!

As a budding web designer, one of the classes I’m taking during the spring semester 2013 is a WordPress course. Our first assignment was to create a quick blog about something we enjoy.

I love to bake — muffins, pumpkin bread, cupcakes, homemade granola, you name it — so I created a blog called “Baking Rules!”

And yes, I see the irony and contradiction of having a baking blog and this one, which is partially about a journey to better health. But this one’s also about real life and living it to the fullest. Sometimes life is about finding the delicate balance between being healthy and allowing yourself to enjoy a damn cupcake already.  😀

At any rate, I’m not sure how in-depth I’ll get with that site, but it’s a fun little side trip for now.

If you’re interested in seeing what sorts of recipes I may post, or if you’d like to contribute with some recipes of your own that you think should be highlighted, please feel free to visit here:

Baking Rules!


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