Now that my brain isn’t melting out of my ears…

In life, there are so many questions one could ask.

The deep: What is the meaning of it all?

The trivial: Exactly how much milk can I add to my cereal without making it all soggy?

And most importantly, the insane: Where the hell have I been for the past 2 months?

I know, I know! I had plans to write every week, but there’s only so much you can do when you’re taking 3 classes and in trying to balance it all and get your homework done, your brain starts oozing out of your ears.


And does not make for coherent posts about health and fitness. Not when all you want to do is tear your hair out and scream, “How did I ever think this was a good idea, going back to school? How did I do all this without losing my mind when I was 20?!?”


I made it through! And I shouldn’t have to take 3 classes at once ever again.

(Whew. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they were interesting classes, but it’s tough to get it all done and have any semblance of a life, is what I’m saying.)

The main point is, now that my brain isn’t melting out of my ears, I can return to this place and write more frequently and thoroughly. For whatever it’s worth. 😀

Stay tuned!


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